Piotr Karol Sawicki

the leader of Warszawa Kyiv Express

Huculski Blues – the debut album

The Warszawa Kyiv Express Band
Jazz inspired by folk music is the mark differentiating the Polish-Ukraine band Warszawa Kyiv Express. The album consists of 8 compositions. Arrangements in non-standard forms and rhythms discover afresh the melodies coming from the cultural traditions of Central and Eastern Europe.

In the band’s music one can hear the kujawiak, the polonez, mountain folk songs, kolomeyka, white steppe singing, but also Caucasian lezghinka, also known as Chechenka.

Sets of rhythms, full of expression, harmony, scale, motives and irregular measures, as well as precise arrangements give the music refreshing surprise.

The Warszawa Kyiv Express releases a new quality of regional folk music from Poland and Ukraine. It offers an escape from the stereotypical approach to folk music and will satisfy not only listeners who seek originality.

Although young, the band is made up of creative and harmonious instrumentalists, who have been active on the jazz scene for many years.

In their renderings, developed improvisations, tasteful sounds and rich arrangements intertwine with emotions accompanying traditional folk music. This is all with the highest quality in rendering and sound.

"Huculski Blues" will certainly change jazz fans’ approach to folk music, and ethno fans to jazz. The album can be bought in internet shops: Bandcamp, Studio RMT, MediaMarkt, Saturn, Bonito.pl, taniaksiazka.pl, vivisound.pl.

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