Piotr Karol Sawicki

the leader of Warszawa Kyiv Express

The Warszawa Kyiv Express on the summer scene of Złote Tarasy

On 26 and 27 July, the summer scene of Złote Tarasy welcomes a concert by the Polish-Ukraine band the Warszawa Kyiv Express. The group has released its first record and two Warsaw performances are a part of the concert tour promoting the album.

The WKE concert tour started on May 28, 2011 in the 26th Jazz Days in Görlitz, where it went down very well. Now the band wants to present itself to the Polish public.

In the Warszawa Kyiv Express’s music, freshness of compositions intertwines with modern sound and colourful emotions. The band caused a sensation at last year’s Eddie Lang Jazz Festival in Italy.

WKE musicians are fascinated by discovering the melodies from the musical traditions of Central and Eastern Europe. Thanks to the rich arrangements their rendering is delightfully fresh. This is not an escape from a stereotypical approach to folk music, but an attractive proposal for all listeners valuing originality.

These concerts cannot be missed!