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Adam Baruch (check his music boutique www.jazzis.com) about recent Polish-Ukrainian etnojazz joint venture:

This is the debut album by the Polish / Ukrainian Jazz-World Fusion ensemble Warszawa Kyiv Express, comprising of five Polish and one Ukrainian musicians, playing what they describe as a tribute to the musical traditions of Eastern Europe, which is a mixture of Polish, Ukrainian, Jewish, Gypsy and other influences. The ensemble is co-led by Polish pianist Piotr Karol Sawicki and Ukrainian trumpeter Konstantyn Donskoj, who are also credited for writing all the music on this album except for one track, which is a folk song with a Jazz arrangement. Although it´s obvious that these musicians can play, the entire concept just doesn´t work well for me. The connection between the folkloristic motifs and the Jazz arrangements sound completely artificial and simply dishonest. It seems this album was made to measure rather than a result of a spontaneous intellectual effort. My Polish friends tell me that this album was received enthusiastically by local Jazz critics and the public… well what can I say, except perhaps that the reasons for liking it rest outside the musical sphere (political perhaps, with some Poles still mourning the loss of the Eastern territories?) In view of the splendid Polish Jazz heritage as far as Ethno-Jazz is concerned, which goes back many years into the past, this album is dangerously close to being a fad, following the trends rather than an artistic truth. However, I can understand the fact that some people like this music, as it is after all well and skillfully played, and touches on many nostalgic notes, with very many pretty notes… Go figure…



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